50 Random Facts About Me

I am sure no introduction is needed, the title says it all. Let’s jump right in. 1. I cannot remember what my natural hair color is. 2. I am the shortest at 1.66 in my family in law circle. 3. I have an obsession with calendars. Wall-, desk-, diary-,phone-, any kind of calendar. 4. IContinue reading “50 Random Facts About Me”

The Biggest, Noticable, Most Cherished Tattoo

A few years back I got one of my favourite tattoos which I cherish dearly, as it means so much. My friend asked me what it meant. I remember telling her that I will write a post and I never did it. Today is the day that I explain the meaning of my new tattoo,Continue reading “The Biggest, Noticable, Most Cherished Tattoo”