The Diabetes Dictionary

Diabetics speak their own language and I am convinced you have heard abbreviations, acronyms or words used that you have no idea what we are speaking about. Do not fear, I have found the person who is going to guide you through our language.

Meet Lurina, or as we know her in the community, The Glucose Glitch. Lurina has been a Type 1 Diabetic for 21 years. She uses MDI and a GM to manage her T1D (see what I did here – search below for explanation). She has her own Youtube channel where she posts fun filled videos to teach you more about T1d and with some very handy tips on living with this condition.

So, here you go, a Diabetes dictionary for easy reference.


These are only short descriptions of acronyms, abbreviations and phrases used within the Type 1 Diabetes community. It would be beneficial if you researched each of the listings on your own time. The information was compiled from various diabetes related websites as well as a large variety of members of the global diabetes community. It is off course impossible to list each and every word related to Type 1 Diabetes, but this list will surely be of some help to many.

I’ve seen loads of T1D related discussions on social media with so many abbreviations, acronyms etc. that I needed to look up some of it, just to be able to understand what they were talking about.

Type 1 Diabetes is definitely not for the faint-hearted and by creating our own lingo, almost like our very own super cool sign language, we get to share in each others trials and tribulations. By just quickly hitting a few letters on the keypad, we all get to be on the same page and become part of the T1D community, understanding and helping each other, because #togetherwearestronger

Your FOMO can now be put to rest, because with the Diabetes Dictionary you can look up a word in a jiffy and you don’t have to take a SWAG about what the topic is about-LOL 

You can find Lurina on Instagram as @TheGlucoseGlitch

Do you have a word or abbreviation/acronym that we missed? Or maybe you made your own one! Please tell us in the comments.

E&L xx

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