Radisson Red – 3 Year Anniversary

On 16 June 2021 we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. We always try and do something exciting and special for the day.

This year Etienne had a very elaborate plan and a huge surprise for me.

On the Tuesday, 15th of June, we drove out to town to go and collect our painted mug and bowel we did for his birthday. You can read that story h e r e. We took a walk up and down Long Street and we had some coffee at Bootleggers.

Our original plan was to go and have high tea as this is something that both of us have wanted to do for some time. Unfortunately the hotels only offered high tea over weekends. After we had our coffee and on our way out of town, Etienne mentioned that he wanted to go and see what The Silo hotel looked like. He kept saying I had to check for the parking right at the beginning of the Waterfront as this is the closest to The Silo.

We found the parking and off we went to go and check it out.

As we entered he popped into The Raddison Red and I asked him where he was going and he mentioned that he just wanted to take a look around. I was so alarmed. I told him they are not going to let us have a look around, it is Covid. They are hardly going to let us in unless we have a booking.

Totally oblivious I followed him through the door and he went for the check-in counter. In my mind he was asking if we could take a look around. Meanwhile I felt so out of place and one of the staff members approached me and asked if we are staying to which I reply “Nooooo we are only having a look around. We do not have money to stay over”. He was not too bothered, laughed a bit and let me be.

Etienne was taking some time and I went to him at the counter to find out how long he is still going to be. Everybody was so friendly and welcomed us and one of the staff members was busy explaining check in and rules to Etienne and I looked at him in complete puzzlement.  Etienne is busy handing a credit card to the lady and then one was asking if I want Gin or Popcorn. I had no idea what was happening.

After my initial shock and being so overwhelmed with everything happening, realisation hit. We were staying over the night and Etienne is busy checking us in.

I wish I did not have to wear a mask because the smile and amusement on my face was precious. HaHa. Even if I have to say it myself.

I was like a little girl. Totally gobsmacked into silence. I was just smiling and meantime the lady was still waiting for my answer on the pop corn or gin! I took the popcorn.

I could not believe it. Etienne pulled it off without me knowing about anything. I have wanted to go into town for a night and sleep over in a hotel for a birthday or anniversary in 2020 but because of Covid we could not do it. He surprised me this year with a day out in town and accommodation in The Raddison Red. I could not be more excited and happier. I could not stop smiling.

This was apparently a group effort as my sister also had help him with the planning. Earlier this year she organised an epic kidnap for her husband’s bachelors so she had it down.

One of the first things I asked Etienne was, I was in panic mode instantly when I realised we are staying, is what about my insulin. I got into trouble a lot because I do not take it with me and sometimes he wants to stay over and we cannot because I do not have all my insulin with me. He said not to worry. He had clean underwear, a shirt, shower things, insulin, everything packed up in the car. I could not believe it. I was still in awe.

And so our night out in town started with a bang.

We took our overnight bag to our room where we had a little welcome card and some more popcorn and soaked in the view a bit. We then went up to the roof top bar. We had sundowners, a nice cold whiskey on the rocks and Etienne had beer, watched the lights gradually come alight and the sun painting the sky in wonderful colours. Perfect!

I was given a choice whether I wanted to have dinner in the V&A Waterfront or in the hotel room. I chose the latter. We were planning on spending time in the V&A Waterfront the next day. I have always wanted to order room service and never have, even though I have stayed in hotels before, because it is expensive. But this was our anniversary and I was allowed to order anything I wanted. What a treat!

In the hotel’s restaurant they have a small “distillery” where you can mix your own gin. A variety of flavours and a great alternative for the normal wine tasting. The in-house restaurant is also where you order room service from and where you have your breakfast.

We spent the evening in the room, had our dinner and did some channel surfing on the TV. We basically just chilled. It was fantastic!

What was nice about this stay is that you do not have to leave and check out at the break of dawn. We could lie in, have a nice hot shower, have breakfast and then went back to collect our things and freshen up.

We spent the day in the V&A Waterfront, did some shopping for Etienne (I just could not find anything that tickled my fancy) and ended with ice cream and chocolate at the Lindt shop. Delicious!

This was one of those night/days where everything was just perfect. I have wanted to do this for some time and Etienne totally blew me away.

The Raddison Red is a hip hotel in the V&A Waterfront, the décor is very funky and everyone made you feel so welcome. From check-in to check-out and everything in between. The view are nice and if you are on a budget but want a nice experience, do yourself a favour and visit. They have these great Fatsak poofs all over the corridors and they are so comfy!

Thank you Etienne, this was a fantastic experience!

E xx

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