Klipkrans-Where the silence makes a noise

Fishing to me has always seemed so pointless. I could never imagine just sitting there waiting for a bite, then reeling it in just to let it go. I did not get it.

In March this year we went to Klipkrans, situated between Worcestor and Villiersdorp. We just needed a break. 2020 was shit and we were emotionally drained.

This week was one of the best in a long time.

Etienne wanted to fish and I just wanted to rest and read.

We arrived on the Monday early afternoon and while setting up camp I dropped one of the table legs on my foot. It was super painful. I do not know what I was thinking, but trying to screw in the leg and using the wrong side resulted in a worm forming on my foot. I was man down for a few minutes rubbing is on it. Yoh, painful I tell you.

Not long after our camp was set up, the lines were in the water and a camp fire on the go. I asked Etienne if I can throw a line and sinker for a bit. He showed me how and then I just started throwing the line and sinker into the river and reeling it in. I had quite some fun. Even if I have to say it myself, I did well for a rookie. Etienne agreed.

On Tuesday I did something I never thought I’d do. I asked Etienne if he will add some bait to one of our rods and I wanted to launch it. The first throw was disastrous! It fell almost just before my feet and the bait left the cage. Take 2 then.

In the line went and then the wait started. I was not anxious but I was very excited. It was not long after when my first even fish was caught. According to Etienne it was perfect because it was the right size to use as bait again. I felt so very proud. Our neighbours wanted me to kiss the fish, something about tradition. I was like, nope. There is no way I’m doing that. Etienne then said now I have to bait my rod on my own.

After this excitement  Etienne had to go to the bathroom and he left me with his rods and mine in the water. I was so alarmed. I told him you cannot leave me alone what if a fish bites?! He was very chilled and just told me that if the fish should bite, just reel it in. Easy, right?

I thought to myself no it won’t happen that fast and he will be back in no time. Pfft, this was not the case.

Not long after he left, a fish did bite and not a small one. I yelled in excitement and I think a bit in fright as well. Our neighbours thought something bad happened. I started reeling in but this one was giving up quite a fight. After struggling a bit I was just thinking that I have to get this one out. Etienne is going to be so mad if I let this one go. At one point the rod was almost bent in half! I got the fishy out onto the sand bank, but as I was trying to reel it in more and the rod arching like it is going to snap, the hook came loose and went straight into the tree branch above my head. It got entangled instantly.

At last the neighbour aunty came to try and help but she just made it worse, by accident. The Line snapped at that point and everything got left behind on the branch.

Etienne arrived and I felt so bad! I lost his fishy. I explained to him what happened and the tannie told him it was her fault, he just laughed at me, but also taught me what to do and said that this is the reason there is a fishing net. I told him I am a rookie and I only 2 hands and I looked like an octopus who got tied up in knots trying to reel out the fish.

After this it was smooth sailing. I caught another 2 fish and it was the most relaxing time. I now understand why fishing is such a popular sport. This will most certainly become a regular activity for the both of us.

We really enjoyed this camp site. Except for fishing you have some hiking trails as well as 4×4 trails. You can also hire a canoe and paddle up and down the Breede river. You are able to view Oryx, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Springbuck, Duiker, Steenbok and the very exclusive Klipspringer as part of the game in the park. This is a Private Game Farm and Campsite.

They have some ready tents you can hire as well as well as two lapa’s.

There is wifi at certain spots (closest to the bathroom) for texting purposes, but at the site where we were it does not connect and we loved this. It allows you to cut off from the outside world.

They provide an honesty kiosk with extra wood, ice and other basic necessities you might have forgotten.

Be warned, the wind can be a bit of a pain. The Friday morning when we left it started and it was kind of angry, but as for the rest of the week we had lovely weather.

Another warning, please make sure you have enough repellent for mosquitoes and midges. I was attacked and came off with a bad allergy. It itches like crazy and the urge to scratch is super powerful. Keep your tents closed and lights off, only switch it on when you are inside and locked up. You will thank me later.

On how to find and book a spot, please visit their website H E R E

We will most certainly go back and if you are looking for an escape from the buzz in town, Klipkrans should be a first choice.

E xx

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