Happy Diaversary to Me!

I never use to celebrate my Diaversary because to start with, I did not even know such a thing existed and two I did not know when mine was.

I first heard about A Diaversary a few years back when I became very involved in the Instagram community and then I had to go ask my mom when I was diagnosed.

A Diaversary is the anniversary of the date you were diagnosed as a Diabetic. Diabetic + Anniversary = Diaversary

I did not really understand why one would celebrate the day you were diagnosed as a Diabetic because I believe it is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Especially for someone being diagnosed later in life.

I, on the other hand was diagnosed at the age of 10 months on 3 October 1986. My diagnosis story is for another day, but today I celebrate 35 Years of being a Type 1 Diabetic.

Happy Diaversary to ME!

Why do you celebrate it? (I am sure you are asking this question). Believe me, I had to answer this for myself at the start as well.

Here is why I celebrate.

I do not celebrate being a Diabetic. I celebrate the following:

  • By the Grace of God I made it to another year
  • It is another year that I had no lasting Diabetic complications ( I had a trigger finger, but we caught it well in advance) 
  • It is another year that I kicked the Diabeast ass!
  • I have access to medicine, health care and some bad ass tech (I am looking at YOU Freestyle Libre).
  • I met amazing people along the way.
  • I celebrate life.

Each year I get me something that I can stick a sparkler or candle in, light it, take a picture, get a kiss from my husband and for that moment imagine it is my birthday and I just won the lotto.

This year I am thankful for how technology have changed my Diabetes management. I am thankful for being healthy and strong as a horse (metaphorically speaking, as I can not even hold more than 1 pan in one hand at the moment). I am grateful for the community I became a part of. I am grateful to be alive.

Here’s to being a sterk lekkertjie!


E xx

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