Finding My Tribe – Diabetic Meet Up

I have not been part of a Diabetes community for quite some time. My parents used to take me to meetings and Diabetic camps, but it kind of died in Primary School. This really made me feel so alone.

 I had some pen pals who I exchanged letters with through the years but I lost connection with some and two of my Diabuddies passed away.

This is such a terrible condition.

At the end of 2019 I became part of a community again. First it was on Instagram and then later it moved to wattsapp and Facebook and then in April this year it was real life.

I was so excited for this day to come. I could not wait to meet real, actual people just like me with a normal day-to-day life but who happens to have Diabetes as well.

10 April 2021 we met up in The Green Point Urban Park in Cape Town and we just instantly became friends. What a brilliant day it was.

We did the normal introductions, where you from, what you do for a living and so forth. We shared some Diabetes stories and kind of exchanged notes in terms of what do you inject for this, or no my bg (blood glucose) levels do not like that, and yes I have experienced that.

It almost looked like we are having a tribal council meeting .

What made this even more great was the fact that non-Diabetic friends and loved ones join. This was so good to have Etienne next to me as this is still a learning process for him as well. He got to chat with other non-Diabetic partners who had advice and tips and stories of their own.

I found my people,  my tribe. I felt like I belong and that I am part of something bigger. This meet up just opened doors for me and I got to chat to so many people from different walks of life who not only understands but knows what I am saying and referring to. I cannot explain what this means to someone with a chronic condition.

We as people were not created to be alone. We were created to be more than just 1 and support one another.

I am very thankful for this community and so happy to be a part of a tribe. I look forward to many more tribal council meetings to come! (Hehe)

E xx

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