Anél – An Interview

Anél and I come a long way. She has helped lower my Hba1C, loose weight and just overall motivate me. I trust her completely when it comes to dietary requirements and advice. I asked her a few questions. 1. Job Title and Qualifications BSc Dietetics (2002), Masters in Nutrition (2011) – Stellenbosch University 2. WhoContinue reading “Anél – An Interview”

Paarl/Franschoek Wineland Outing

We try and always go away around our birthdays. We like to make it special and each one can choose on their birthday where they would like to go. This birthday was before Covid times. I have always wanted to visit Franschoek and spent time there. I wanted to go on the wine tram andContinue reading “Paarl/Franschoek Wineland Outing”

Befriend, Date, Engaged to a Type 1 Diabetic

Not long after we started dating, I asked my now husband, then boyfriend, to tell the world what it was like being the partner of a Type 1 Diabetic. I asked if he wanted to update this for a more recent post and he was very adamant, no, this is what he wrote and IContinue reading “Befriend, Date, Engaged to a Type 1 Diabetic”

A night at Hawksmoor House

A few years back I won an incentive for my hard work. It felt great to be acknowledged and rewarded. My husband and I had the privilege of staying at Hawksmoor House not too far from Stellenbosch. This property has a very reach history and if you would like to know more about it, IContinue reading “A night at Hawksmoor House”

Christelle – An Interview

When I stayed in Potch, I met some wonderful people. Christelle was one of them. She trained me for a year or two and helped me immensely. She pushes your limits and always motivates to become a better version of yourself. Meet my personal trainer. Your job title/profession: Personal Trainer/ Certified Strength and Conditioning CoachContinue reading “Christelle – An Interview”