50 Random Facts About Me

I am sure no introduction is needed, the title says it all.

Let’s jump right in.

1. I cannot remember what my natural hair color is.

2. I am the shortest at 1.66 in my family in law circle.

3. I have an obsession with calendars. Wall-, desk-, diary-,phone-, any kind of calendar.

4. I am a planner. I plan everything way ahead of time. I find it difficult when something jumps up and I have to make last minute plans. That does not mean I don’t welcome some spontaneity sometime.

5. I am terrified of bees.

6. When I was about 3 and a half I got so angry at my parents because they bought home my baby sister (after she was born) that I kicked a plastic chair to the curtain and it got stuck there (as told by my parents). I was a little beasty!

7. At the age of 29 I read Harry Potter for the first time, and loved it.

8. I used to be a runner. I was slower than a tortoise through a spread of peanut butter, but I ran.

9. I really love reading. I once finished 7 books in 2 weeks (I was on holiday though).

10. I can play the piano.

11. I cannot leave food on my plate. I either take only enough (if it’s a buffet) so that I know I can finish it or I take a doggy bag at a restaurant. If it is at a restaurant and the waiter takes to long to bring the doggy bag I will try and finish it (this is not always a good idea).

12. I am addicted to coffee. It can be 40 degrees out and I will probably be sipping on a hot cup o’ joe. I really love coffee.

13. My favourite type of food is potato (preferably in the form of mash or chips). I am not that fond of potato wedges though.

14. I have been in two scooter accidents all on my own. Nobody else involved. The first one I drove over an oil patch and the second I drove over slick on the road and fell myself lights out in front of my high school. I got to ride in an ambulance. I do not own a scooter anymore.

15. I have also had a car accident in my own.

16. I have been driving for 17 years and passed my driver’s test first time around.

17. The police tried to bribe ma at my drivers test.

18. I really struggle walking on heels, hence I don’t own any. I almost fell flat on my face in a shop once trying on a pair.

19. If I could I would wear jeans every single day if my life to every single occasion.

20. I have been married for 3 years.

21. One of my favourite places in the world is Yzerfontein, West Coast of South Africa. I spent every single summer holiday there with my family until the age of 18.

22. I was divorced before I married again.

23. This year I have been at my current job for 6 years. The longest job I have held, ever.

24. London was my first international destination.

25. My first proper job was a manager at a gym called Curves.

26. I am near-sighted and blind as a bat at night. I do own a pair of glasses just for this.

27. I have 6 tattoos. 7th one coming

28. In Gr5 I had my own desk outside the classroom for no legit reason. School was a dark place for me.

29. I still have the teddy my dad bought me on the day I was born. It’s still got both it’s eyes! His name is Spikkel and he used to go everywhere with me up until Gr7.

30. I always follow the same routine in the shower.

31. I have been a Type 1 diabetic (insulin dependent) for 35 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 10 months.

32. I completed two diplomas in 1 year. This is not possible, well actually not allowed, but there was a loop hole in the way I completed it. I graduated twice in the same week in one year. It was awesome! I was also on the dean’s merit list in my 3rd year.

33. I love the sound car tires make when driving on a gravel road.

34. I absolutely love scented candles. I wish I had an extra budget!

35. I really love winter.

36. I am a morning person.

37. I hate phoning people. I get really nervous, my palm go all sweaty and I try to postpone phoning the person for as long as possible. I will also look at alternative methods of communication if I can avoid phoning the person.

38. I am an extremely nervous passenger.

39. I am really terrified of getting lost or stranded.

40. When I was little my sister and I watched The Lion King movie so many times the tape started to “jump” ( for a lack of a better word). .

41. I love animation movies. I once went and watched an animation movie on my own and I was the only adult without a kid in the cine. I wonder if the mommy’s were jealous? Hehe

42. I am slightly addicted to chocolate.

43. If there is vegetables, meat and salad (or whatever the combination) on my plate I will rotate and eat every food on it’s own. My food must not touch unless it is stew or soup of course.

44. Sometimes I drool a bit when I sleep. It is nasty!

45. I have a cockatiel named Dr Watson (well we call him Watson).

46. I avoid elevators as far as possible. If I have time, I will rather take the stairs. I have been stuck in an elevator before.

47. I loved singing in the choir in Primary School. I passed the audition for the high school choir, but because of logistical issues and rehearsal times I could not proceed. My heart was broken. I really miss singing.

48. I really love going to the mall. Whenever we visit a new place I need to go and check out the local mall.

49. My local coffee spot knows my regular coffee order!

50. I love and adore cats! I am a total cat lady.

Tell me something random about you. Go ahead!

E xx

Liewe Tannie Marie

Liewe Tannie Marie

My ma laat weet my die middag dat tannie oorlede is. Die skok was groot en my hart het in baie klein stukkies gebreek. My eerste gedagte was, wie gaan na oom Dougie kyk en wat van al die kindertjies en toe raak dit stil binne my.

Tannie was vir 32 en ‘n half jaar (‘n half want in November (2018) sou dit 33 vir my gewees het) deel van my lewe. Tannie het my doeke geruil, my trane af gevee, luise uit my hare uit gekam, my opgepas wanneer ek siek was, gekyk dat ek al my kos eet (dit was ‘n stryd en ek het so baie raas gekry) en elke keer wat ek “ontslae” geraak het van ‘n bakkie kos, maar net weer ingeskep en my soos ‘n valk dop gehou.

Ek onthou die lekker beskuit onder in die lou oond en dat ek altyd die grootste stuk uitgekies het as padkos huistoe. Dit was net ‘n paar meter, maar mens het jou krag nodig gehad.

Ek onthou hoe almal altyd om tannie se bene gesit het wanneer tannie Santa Barbara gekyk het en ons moes tjoepstil wees want anders kon tannie nie hoor nie.

Wie kan ook die stryd vergeet vir ‘n heel Marie koekie. Dan kla ons want die Marie koekie is gebreek en ons wil elkeen ‘n heel een hê, dan sê tannie net “eet, dit gaan elk geval gebreek in jou maag”.

Ek het soveel af-tone gehad van op die teer hardloop en speel, dan kom tannie met die blik Mecurochrome en spuit daai toon bloed rooi.

“Dit brand tannie!”,

“Ag is nie man, jy verbeel jou”-tannie Marie.

Brand of nie, die toon was reg ‘n paar minute later.

Ek het altyd met verwondering sit en kyk hoe tannie die groen boontjies kerf. Vinnig en sonder om ooit ‘n vinger raak of af te sny. Ertjies ook. Rou ertjies is dan so lekker om te eet. Tannie moes net keer of ons eet alles op.

My gunsteling middagete was altyd spaghetti met baie tamatiesous. Hmmm, dit was altyd lekker.

Hoe ouer ek geword het, hoe meer het ek tannie waardeer. Ons het mekaar in later jare nie baie gesien nie, maar dit was lekker om af en toe in te val vir ‘n hallo en geselsie en tannie was altyd bly om my te sien. Die drukkies was die beste!

Tannie was daar op my 21ste verjaarsdag en op my troudag. Toe die laas genoemde tot ‘n einde kom was tannie daar vir my ouers.

Tannie Marie jy ‘n sterk, vriendelike vrou. Altyd ‘n glimlag in die oë en omgee vir ander. In die laaste jaar het dit sleg gegaan, maar tannie het nooit gekla nie.

Ek onthou vir tannie Marie as liefdevol, vriendelik, sterk, streng, maar sag.

Ek gaan tannie mis. Rus sag tannie Marie. Dankie Here dat tannie Marie deel van my lewe kon wees.


The Biggest, Noticable, Most Cherished Tattoo

A few years back I got one of my favourite tattoos which I cherish dearly, as it means so much. My friend asked me what it meant. I remember telling her that I will write a post and I never did it.

Today is the day that I explain the meaning of my new tattoo, my friend-this one is for you.

The biggest element is the arrow.

Now, an arrow can only move forward by being pulled backwards. This mean to say that when life is pulling you back with trials and tribulation, focus on what is in front of you and aim for that. You are being launched and prepared for something so much greater.

I had a few tribulations in the last two years, but how my life have changed for the better is amazing. The arrow is there to remind me that I am on my way to cooler places.

The Unilome

I had to go look up the definition of this symbol. I had no idea what it stand for or what it mean. In my tattoo it is just the body of the arrow. No meaning at all. I liked the pattern.

As for interest sake, this is what I found.

As defined by Meowzersandyamcakes October 29, 2015

“The symbol is a representation of reaching enlightenment. The path starts in the centre and as you continue down this path you are wandering , becoming more conscious of your surroundings. When you reach the top of the symbol (the straight line), you have reached enlightenment.”

Well, I guess we can wing it. I am on my way to enlightenment.

The Semi-Colon.

The semicolon is used when an author could have ended the sentence but decided to keep going. In this case you are the author and the sentence is your life.

This plays a huge role in my life. I am surrounded by family and friends (me included) who suffers from Depression. I was diagnosed in January 2016 after planning to end my life. You can not explain this to anyone. This is part of my tattoo to remind me that I went on. I made the decision to get help. This is also to create awareness and people around the world are getting the tattoo for that purpose. I am strong and my story is far from over.

The feather tassel

I don’t have to elaborate a lot on this, cause there is one verse in the Bible that will explain it beautifully. I put my trust in the Lord.

Do you have a tatto that reminds you os something specaild? Share with us in the comments, or if you are thinking of getting one-ask away!

E xx

My name is Elré

A bird is identified by its colours, feathers and sounds. A human, their name.

My name is not popular or available on any key holder, pen or cup at Cardies or on that list’s with “the person on this list will get drunk with you this weekend”, heaven forbid, but my name is special an unique.

Where did it come from? Let me to tell you the story.

Years back when the Golden Acre in Cape Town was still one of the shopping malls to visit, there was a shop called Elrentia. My mom used to walk pass this shop (after taking the train/bus-I kid you not) on her way to work. She loved the name and presented this name suggestion to my dad.

My dad said no. Can you believe it, but he had very good reason. He said that it will be shortened. One way or the other. I will either be known as Elré or Rentia, never called by my full name.

Rentia was already part of my family as this was my cousins name, so she got dibs. My dad just said that Elré it will be.

They consulted my uncle with regard to the spelling. I am not sure if they wanted people to mispronounce it or if it was the way you say it, but my uncle assured them, the spelling is correct as well as the pronunciation.

So, why the struggle with the pronunciation? Well, a lesson in the French language to follow.

You have the sound ee (imagine a dragged out iiiiiiiii sound) and ey (like in a South African name Jeandré). So, when you have an é it can go either way as explained above.

My name is pronounced Elree, like Jean-Marié (ee), but, this little é confused my teachers, lectures, friends, everyone and instead of ee I became Elrey. I gave up correcting everyone at some point, and also wanted to change my name.

I never heard my name, ever. Steadily in my early twenties the name Elri/Elrie started to pop up, and of course then my spelling changed to Elri, but then Twitter gave me a friend with the exact same name as me, just pronounced differently. Her struggle, she was called Elree instead of Elrey!! We had a great laugh because it was exactly the opposite. We both agreed #thestruggleisreal.

Here is Elree and Elrey.

Elré (ee) and Elré (ey)

Nowadays I here my name from time to time, never spelled like mine, but I am out there. It is nice to surprise someone and say “yes” when they call their child. This always presents history lessons of where the names come from. Believe it or not, my name can be built from parents names as well.

Today, I love my name. I am unique in it and I do not hear it often which makes me feel very special.

Do you have a not-so-popular- name? Tell me your name story in the comments below. I would love to hear it.

E xx