Clay Cafe In The City

I came across this restaurant on Instagram. Everybody was visiting and raving about the experience. I was intrigued.

It is called Clay Cafe in The City.

The main restaurant is in Houtbay, but they have a flagship one right in town.

I sent the link to Etienne and told him that this will be a great idea for my birthday later this year. Before I know what was happening we were booking a seat  for his  birthday! I had such a laugh. Etienne was so impressed by the idea of this restaurant that he wanted to do it for his birthday.

The idea is that while you have something to eat that you paint as well. The premise is that at least 80% of the party should paint something.

When booking you can add special requests and I thought it a good idea to ask for something special for Etienne and I was most satisfied with the special request.

When we arrived we were first led to our table. They had a sign to wish Etienne happy birthday and he was surprised, this put a smile on his face. Mission accomplished. He felt very special.

We were then taken back down stairs to choose our weapons. No, not really. We were explained how it works, the different effects you can create with the paint and tools. We were left to choose the product we want to paint as well as our paint colours and tools.  

Back at the table we had a lot of fun. Trying and failing, then trying again and then laughing because we do not know what we are doing, but we pretend that we got this.

We had a lovely lunch. It was so, so yummy! And the coffee was goood!

At the end Etienne received another surprise. They gave him two chocolate brownies to take home and celebrate his birthday. Let me tell you, those were delicious!

Our waitress was fantastic. She made us feel like the only people there.

You have 3 hours to spent here and it sounds like a long time, but flies while you are having fun munching and painting. Etienne described it as therapeutic, which it certainly is.

If you want to do something fun, relaxing , with delicious food and a great atmosphere, I can most definitely recommend Clay Cafe in the City.

We picked up our products about 4 weeks after and it did not disappoint.

Visit  their website H E R E

E xx

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