50 Random Facts About Me

I am sure no introduction is needed, the title says it all.

Let’s jump right in.

1. I cannot remember what my natural hair color is.

2. I am the shortest at 1.66 in my family in law circle.

3. I have an obsession with calendars. Wall-, desk-, diary-,phone-, any kind of calendar.

4. I am a planner. I plan everything way ahead of time. I find it difficult when something jumps up and I have to make last minute plans. That does not mean I don’t welcome some spontaneity sometime.

5. I am terrified of bees.

6. When I was about 3 and a half I got so angry at my parents because they bought home my baby sister (after she was born) that I kicked a plastic chair to the curtain and it got stuck there (as told by my parents). I was a little beasty!

7. At the age of 29 I read Harry Potter for the first time, and loved it.

8. I used to be a runner. I was slower than a tortoise through a spread of peanut butter, but I ran.

9. I really love reading. I once finished 7 books in 2 weeks (I was on holiday though).

10. I can play the piano.

11. I cannot leave food on my plate. I either take only enough (if it’s a buffet) so that I know I can finish it or I take a doggy bag at a restaurant. If it is at a restaurant and the waiter takes to long to bring the doggy bag I will try and finish it (this is not always a good idea).

12. I am addicted to coffee. It can be 40 degrees out and I will probably be sipping on a hot cup o’ joe. I really love coffee.

13. My favourite type of food is potato (preferably in the form of mash or chips). I am not that fond of potato wedges though.

14. I have been in two scooter accidents all on my own. Nobody else involved. The first one I drove over an oil patch and the second I drove over slick on the road and fell myself lights out in front of my high school. I got to ride in an ambulance. I do not own a scooter anymore.

15. I have also had a car accident in my own.

16. I have been driving for 17 years and passed my driver’s test first time around.

17. The police tried to bribe ma at my drivers test.

18. I really struggle walking on heels, hence I don’t own any. I almost fell flat on my face in a shop once trying on a pair.

19. If I could I would wear jeans every single day if my life to every single occasion.

20. I have been married for 3 years.

21. One of my favourite places in the world is Yzerfontein, West Coast of South Africa. I spent every single summer holiday there with my family until the age of 18.

22. I was divorced before I married again.

23. This year I have been at my current job for 6 years. The longest job I have held, ever.

24. London was my first international destination.

25. My first proper job was a manager at a gym called Curves.

26. I am near-sighted and blind as a bat at night. I do own a pair of glasses just for this.

27. I have 6 tattoos. 7th one coming

28. In Gr5 I had my own desk outside the classroom for no legit reason. School was a dark place for me.

29. I still have the teddy my dad bought me on the day I was born. It’s still got both it’s eyes! His name is Spikkel and he used to go everywhere with me up until Gr7.

30. I always follow the same routine in the shower.

31. I have been a Type 1 diabetic (insulin dependent) for 35 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 10 months.

32. I completed two diplomas in 1 year. This is not possible, well actually not allowed, but there was a loop hole in the way I completed it. I graduated twice in the same week in one year. It was awesome! I was also on the dean’s merit list in my 3rd year.

33. I love the sound car tires make when driving on a gravel road.

34. I absolutely love scented candles. I wish I had an extra budget!

35. I really love winter.

36. I am a morning person.

37. I hate phoning people. I get really nervous, my palm go all sweaty and I try to postpone phoning the person for as long as possible. I will also look at alternative methods of communication if I can avoid phoning the person.

38. I am an extremely nervous passenger.

39. I am really terrified of getting lost or stranded.

40. When I was little my sister and I watched The Lion King movie so many times the tape started to “jump” ( for a lack of a better word). .

41. I love animation movies. I once went and watched an animation movie on my own and I was the only adult without a kid in the cine. I wonder if the mommy’s were jealous? Hehe

42. I am slightly addicted to chocolate.

43. If there is vegetables, meat and salad (or whatever the combination) on my plate I will rotate and eat every food on it’s own. My food must not touch unless it is stew or soup of course.

44. Sometimes I drool a bit when I sleep. It is nasty!

45. I have a cockatiel named Dr Watson (well we call him Watson).

46. I avoid elevators as far as possible. If I have time, I will rather take the stairs. I have been stuck in an elevator before.

47. I loved singing in the choir in Primary School. I passed the audition for the high school choir, but because of logistical issues and rehearsal times I could not proceed. My heart was broken. I really miss singing.

48. I really love going to the mall. Whenever we visit a new place I need to go and check out the local mall.

49. My local coffee spot knows my regular coffee order!

50. I love and adore cats! I am a total cat lady.

Tell me something random about you. Go ahead!

E xx

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