What I learned with the BIG 3OH!

Well, hello there, thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a fun time. 

I celebrated my big 3OH birthday on 21 November 2015. I am 35 now, but we need some back ground for the new posts to come.

Turning 30 was a huge milestone to me. Let me explain.

In your 20’s nobody takes you serious. When you turn thirty people are like “oh wait but you have some experience now and hmmm mature person and hmmm this an adult”. Well this is my idea. You get what I am saying? Turning 30 to me was also a milestone in terms of my Diabetes. It was almost like saying “yass I made it!”. I am still here. This is only by the grace of God. 

30 to me is like “Oh halloooo adult world!”. This was also a new starting point in my life. And I was very excited! 

Today I would like to share some things with you. I have learned a lot through the years and I thought it would be great to share 30 things I have learned that shaped me to be the person I am today.

Let’s hit the big 3OH!

1. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Take the risk. You will be surprised what you are capable of.

2. Distance does not always make the heart grow fonder.

3. Love does not always win.

4. Blood is thicker than water.

5. I am stronger than I think.

6. When one door close, another better, bigger one is already open.

7. Prayers are answered with a bang!

8. Faith will take you places.

9. Being healthy is not linked to a shape or being perfect. It is about being comfy in your own skin.

10.Take one day at a time.

11. A disease or sickness does not define you.

12. Friendships can overcome distance.

13. People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. Sometimes they stay, sometime they leave and sometime they come back.

14. Cool is a word created by children for children and is linked to worldy standards.

15. What you want is on the other side of fear.

16. Sometimes you really need to listen to your gut.

17. Forgiveness sets you free and brings peace.

18. Hard work equals great results.

19. I have learned that money really can not buy happiness. Stuff is just that, stuff.

20. You and I are valuable and precious. Do not give yourself away so easily. 

21. It’s okay to put yourself first sometime. You are important too.

22. Laughter really is the best medicine.

23. You are not always hungry. Sometimes you are just board or thirsty.

24. I have learned you should not trust to easily. Take your time. People should earn it.

25. I have learned that attitude determines a lot of outcomes. 

26. Let me quote Eggs from The Boxtrolls. “Don’t change who you are. Cheese, hats, boxes-they don’t make you. You make you”.

27. Being different is not a bad thing. We were born to stand out. 

28. I have learned that doing more of what you love makes you happy.

29. I have learned that you make friends in the strangest of places and situations.

30. I have learned that I am really addicted to chocolate. Dun dun duuuun. (just for the fun of it!)

I hope that what I have learned, have spoken to your heart a little. I hope that you are happy where you are. I hope that you sit wherever you are and think “damn I wanna be thirty!” Hahahaha

How old did you turn this year? Let me know in the comments!

E xx

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