Eating Low Carb with The Insulin Type

Leah and I have met on Instagram a few years back and since then we have had many discussions. She is also a Type 1 Diabetic. She has been a huge motivation in my Diabetes Management and I like to call her The Low Carb Queen. I asked her some questions to share her mountainsContinue reading “Eating Low Carb with The Insulin Type”

Anél – An Interview

Anél and I come a long way. She has helped lower my Hba1C, loose weight and just overall motivate me. I trust her completely when it comes to dietary requirements and advice. I asked her a few questions. 1. Job Title and Qualifications BSc Dietetics (2002), Masters in Nutrition (2011) – Stellenbosch University 2. WhoContinue reading “Anél – An Interview”

Christelle – An Interview

When I stayed in Potch, I met some wonderful people. Christelle was one of them. She trained me for a year or two and helped me immensely. She pushes your limits and always motivates to become a better version of yourself. Meet my personal trainer. Your job title/profession: Personal Trainer/ Certified Strength and Conditioning CoachContinue reading “Christelle – An Interview”

Betty Boo – An Interview

Meet Nicola. She is the owner of Betty Boo Totes. I try an support her as much as I can especially with custom orders. It is always a pleasure to work with her. Who is Nicola? I’m a mum, business owner and full time adventurer.  Why the name Betty Boo? I wanted to name myContinue reading “Betty Boo – An Interview”