Inked: My Latest Addition

Tattoos. People always want to know why. Why do you have it? Why do you want more? Why?

There does not always have to be a reason. Some people have them for the art of it, not really with a meaning behind it. Some people have them with a meaning because there is a story to tell. And some people just have them.

I have 1 tattoo that does not have a meaning and I purely got it on the coolness of it. The Llama, Kenny. No drama and he is just super cool. Okay, maybe he is linked to my sensor as my sensor is called Kenny, or maybe there is no connection. I just wanted the Llama.

My latest tattoo has a lot of meaning behind it just as the others.

There are three components. My initial idea was to have a huge tree with books and coffee, but I just could not bring the elements together without having it be almost the size of half my back. I sent my ideas to Warren, the only person I trust to do my ink, and this is what we (Warren, myself, and Etienne) came up with. I really appreciate Etienne being involved in this. It brings me great joy.

The Tree

It was supposed to be a Cherry Blossom Tree with light pink flowers. Instead of drawing the whole tree, we used a branch which will then symbolize the tree. It was never meant to be a specific tree and the meaning behind the Cherry Blossom Tree has no connection, just a tree in general, but I chose the Cherry Blossom Tree as it is just so pretty and soft.

A tree to me is life. Without trees breathing will be a challenge if not impossible. A tree grows where it was planted, it does not try and move itself. Some trees will just keep growing around obstacles. Some trees lose their leaves to prepare for the new season, but they do not change themselves. They serve their purpose, whatever it may be. There is nothing more peaceful than sitting underneath a tree, with a light breeze, good coffee and a good book. I found a quote on trees and this sums it up perfectly.

“I feel a great regard for trees; they represent age and beauty and the miracles of life and growth.” — Louise Dickinson Rich

The Book

I have always loved reading. It is like living hundreds of lives and just letting your imagination go. Creating your own pictures based on the writers’ words.

My friend’s mom used to take them to the library every two weeks, and I would pickle along. We used to join on the social evenings held during the school holidays and listen to the aunties reading us stories. I also wanted to take my own books, so I applied for a card. I had to get permission from my mom and if I remember correctly, it cost either R5 or R10 to get the card.

I still remember the first time I was able to borrow books from the local library. I felt like I won the lottery and from there my love for books and reading just grew. My friend and I spent countless hours in the library during our school career and again in university and each town I lived in I made a point to get myself a library card because that is where I felt most at home.

In 2015 reading was my refuge and part of my saving graces. I spent a lot of time reading and getting lost in the different worlds.

Reading gives me comfort and when life just gets too much I dive into my books.

Naturally this needs to be represented-hence the book.

“A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.” – Charles Baudelaire

The Coffee Cup

My sister once sent me a picture with the five love languages of coffee. It went like this:

Original Image found on – I made my own version. *not affiliated.

You want to bribe me-buy me coffee. You want to spend time with me, come have a cup of coffee with me. I am having a bad day-buy me coffee or make me a cup of coffee. When I am happy – just feed me more coffee. My favorite drink, coffee.

I love coffee. I am at my happiest when I am at my favorite coffee shop with a good book and all the time in the world. 

The tattoo would not be complete without coffee.

This tattoo pretty much summarizes me and I like it!

My artist of choice is always Uncle Black or then Warren. You can find him on Instagram and for appointments email him on this address:

Do you have a tattoo with a special meaning? Tell me in the comments below.


E xx

*links, referrals and references not affiliated.

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