Little West Coast Getaway

We love going places. In Afrikaans there is a sayin “Sy hou van gatskuur” which basically translates to if you are driving I am coming.

So, when Etienne says let’s go explore or just take a short trip, I am always game. I enjoy our trips a lot. Even if it is only around the corner.

One of these little ones we did was up the West Coast. This was a while back and it was fresh after we started dating. So cute. Our end destinations would be his brother’s place in Vredenburg, but on our way we made a few stops.

Our trip started in Yzerfontein and we had a brief stop just to have some breakfast. I realised I did not take photo’s here accept for this one of the seagull. The star of our stop.

Next up was Saldanha

I have been before, but so briefly. We did not really explore or see anything. We walked around the harbour a bit, climb these very steep stairs to get a better look and just see.

There were really good photo opportunities, so I had some fun!

Then off to, Jacobsbaai.

Here we had coffee and something to bite at this cute little coffee shop. Outside the shop there was this chapel looking space where you can sit outside and of course we did. The weather was mighty fine.

They even allowed our little doggie to join us.

We arrived at our destination and the next day we went to Paternoster. A cute little fishing village about 20mkm from Vredenburg.

It is so pretty. It makes me think a little bit of Greece, some of the houses. The style of it. It is quiet and I would love to go back and actually stay over.

There is a big stretch of beach where the dogs can run to their hearts desire. We took the kids and doggie and we spent the morning on the beach.

We had a fab weekend. It was right on our door step but just spending time and seeing places you only know off a bit more in detail is fun!

Now, I have a weird obsession with these wind farms that have been popping up in recent years.

The Sunday on our way home between Vredenburf and Gouda we found not far from the Windfarm, one of the propellers. I asked Etienne to stop because I want to see how big it really is.

I was surprised! They are HUGE!

The size of those things are really deceiving, but here you have it. For reference I am 1.66m in length.

I am looking forward to our next spontaneous trip!

E xx

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