Warmwaterberg Spa

Warmwaterberg Spa is not a new place to my husband and I. We love going there.

The last time we were there we saw them doing some renovations around the camp area and studio bath houses. My husband said he wanted to stay in one of the studio bath houses and what better reason to go than our first year anniversary. Yes, it has been a year already.

We hoped for a very cold weekend as the house has an indoor fire place. We were not so lucky as the weather was actually quite fine, but we still had fun. We will just have to go back to use the fire place next time.

The house we stayed in has a very nice view over the camp site as well as the surrounding area. It was kind of weird being so secluded from the camp (well for me being used to camping between  people close to the hot spring swimming pool), but this is good for a break away or romantic weekend.

We had a few visitors. The local cats came to say hi as well as the peacocks. I wish they would have open their tails, but alas I still need to see this happen. At night we had some rabbits come by but they do not like carrots. This upset my husband so much. He left them some cabbage as well and they did not seem interested in that either.

What can you expect when staying over? It gets cheaper when staying for longer. It is self catering in style. You only need to bring your food. They have dish washing liquid, kitchen towels, the kitchen is geared. No need to bring anything else. They provide towels for the bathroom and you can rent towels from the office for swimming. What we did realise is though you still need to take camping chairs to chill outside on the grass and a flash light, for scouting night animals.

You also still need to bring your own wood and fire-lighters, but a roster is provided. The bathroom have toilet paper, but always bring extra. You never know what can happen. The bathrooms are built in two water tanks and if you look up you see the night sky. We loved the idea of this.

You do not have to leave the house as long as you there, unless you want to explore the surrounding area. You have your own bath inside the house – with a view I might add- and that is why you stay here. For this comfort. Let me just tell you the story with the water.

The first morning we wanted to take a bath and we opened the taps and the water did not reach the temperature the outside pool does. We were a bit baffled. We thought well if this is the hottest it is going to get we might as well then walk down to the pool.

On our way into town we stopped at the office and asked how exactly we get the water temperature up as all water is from the natural spring. So, the secret is you need to let the taps run at least 30minutes before the water is really hot, and the longer you let it run the hotter it gets. We were comforted by the fact that the water runs to the dam on the farm and is used for irrigation. We were quite worried about all that water being wasted.

We come here for the quiet. You are not allowed to play music, ever. At 22:00pm it needs to be quiet. This is also when the pool is closed. For the active people there are a few routes you can walk ,or run, around the farm. It is a bit intense as the path you are on has loose rocks, but the routes are popular with walkers and runners.  They are quite popular for families as children can swim their hearts out in the hot and cold pools. They have a restaurant, with a bar, on the property and the food is real nice.

My husband decided we are going to walk one of the routes on the day of our anniversary. It took us about 2 hours. Just a side note he is still alive.

Barrydale is not far from the farm and you have the famous Ronnie’s Sex Shop you can visit as well.

It is about a 2h30min drive from Cape Town.

Find them here:

Website: https://warmwaterbergspa.co.za/

You will not regret visiting. You have beautiful scenery for photo’s and the night sky is wide open filled with stars.

We can not wait to go back!

**Please note: Links are not affiliated and this is my own opinion.

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