The Day We got Engaged

In South Africa we celebrate “Braaidag” on the Heritage Day (24 September) public holiday. So, Etienne said lets go to the West Coast National Park. It is still flower season, we have a braai, watch the ocean and just have a relaxing day.

Of course I agree, I love the ocean.

We arrive very, very early the morning. We had too as the park is very popular around this time and their braai facilities fill up real quick. We had to wait for Postberg to open and on our way we played 20 questions and we even slept a bit. We were right in front of the queue.

At last the gates opened and we can go ahead. We got a nice little spot with limited wind and a nice view.

This one seagull entertained us a bit. He kept appearing and disappearing behind this giant bolder. Every few minutes you just see his head pop up, almost like he wants to say “I’m watching you”.

Eventually he came closer.

Etienne was looking after the fire and I made some salad. At one point I relaxed so much that I feel a sleep in my chair. We also had a bit of a late evening, but you know the sun just makes you lazy.

At one point Etienne wakes me up and asks me to hand this one particular piece of wood to him. So I got up, annoyed because I was having a great time snoozing, he hands me the piece of wood but does not let go. I am just getting more annoyed. I am lazy and I want to sit down and I do not understand why this man just can not get up and do this himself.

He is in front of me, on one knee I must add, and I am still trying to get the wood into the fire. At one point he asks me if I am not realising what is happening. By this time I am more awake but have no idea what he is on about.

So, he starts. Saying that we already played 20 questions the morning and that I mean the world to him and he wants to make me happy and still I am not clicking.

Still speaking he looks at me and asks “Elré Hugo will you marry me?”. I am knocked over, well not literally, but I squeal like a teenager and can not believe it. I still asked him “Are you serious?!”, “Seriously?!” I am laughing and I am dumbstruck. I had no idea that he was going to ask my hand in marriage to start of with. Of course we spoke about it, but that was so early in the relationship you do not take note.

At last the piece of wood comes out to play. He tells me to pull on it, which I do, but am struggling. It comes apart eventually and inside is the most beautiful ring! It was my mother in laws ring. I am just asking questions, “it is so beautiful, where did you find it?, who make the piece of wood?, where did you find that?” And as calm as Etienne is he just tells me all in good time, put on your ring.

Oh, I am laughing and smiling and I am not able to tell anyone yet because there are no signal in that area of the park. So sneaky. He said he wanted to keep it to himself for a little while.

My mouth was stretching from all the smiles and giggles.

On our way out we got cell phone signal and as sure as the dawn I start telling everyone! We even had some animals make an appearance.

We did not want to go home just yet as we were full of energy, so we decided to make a pit stop in Vredenburg at his brother’s house to share our good news.

The day was perfect. Nothing could be changed to make it better. I still smile every time I think about it and the piece of wood that almost ended in the fire is on the book shelf as a reminder as well.

The day said goodbye with a beautiful sunset, I mean what more do you want?


This is our engagement story.

If you are married now, do you still remember the day you got engaged and were you knocked off your feet?

Tell me in the comments.

E xx

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