Kloof Corner Hike

When I had this fab idea of starting my hiking career (LOL), I did Kloof Corner with a friend. This is a lovely short walk up the side of Table Mountain. It is something you can do quickly after work.

We took some champagne (I love the stuff), water of course and off we went.

It is an easy climb up until half way. This is also a path to the top of the mountain. It is basically oversized, natural step. Yes, you will breath a little harder, but it is nothing compared to Lions Head. Promise. Obviously, considering you can do it after work.

I am not ready for Table Mountain just yet and this is a great substitute. When we hiked it was not busy at all. Only a few other hikers which makes it a bit more enjoyable. It is popular though, it does get really busy.

How to get there? Drive into town as you would if you are going to Table Mountain. Turn onto Table Mountain Road from Kloof Nek and follow the winding road up to the Cable car. Park your car at Kloof Corner which is on the last bend before reaching the cableway. GPS Co-ordinates: S33°56.703′, E18°23.863′

We only went kind of half way. When you reach some of the telephone lines you can go further and it gets pretty tough. I found this article, reading it now it sounds so much more difficult, but I promise the short half way is not that bad at all.

The views are worth it always.

Look how happy we were reaching the kind-of-half-way mark for the whole hike.

I will most certainly go back to do this again.

E xx

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