Here Lies My Widom

Let me start by saying that my experience with a dentist have always been with no issues at all. The worst experience I had was a dentist trying to rip me off. Other than that I had them tell me that I should stop wasting my dad’s money as my teeth is perfect.

That was until I had my first tooth ache.

As gatherings at work goes we always have chocolates, muffins, sweets and all the good/bad stuff. I was munching on a little teeny tex, or bar one, or peppermint crisp, I honestly can not remember when it hit me right in the gums and on the forehead.

The pain is unbelievable and I do not know how to explain it to someone. The best description I can give is putting your hand on your face where it hurts the most because there is nothing else you can do.

When I realised that this ache is not going to go away by itself (after contemplating which tooth I should remove and if I should ask someone to punch me lights out) I took a painkiller. Never in my life have I taken a painkiller for a tooth ache. Well, now that I think back I had an abscess when I was in Grade 2 but that does not count as I can not remember anything about it.

The painkiller worked, by the way. And I forgot about it again. It still stuck in the back of my head because every time I drink or eat something cold or sweet, oh boy.

I decided that I will visit the dentist just for a check up and just see if we can fix this little inconvenient bit of pain/ache.

I got squeezed in fairly quickly-lucky me. I also know the dentist through a friend-lucky me. No uncomfortable first meeting.

Dentist: All right, first sit in this nice chair because once you get on the bed chair there is no turning back.

Me: (Laughing) all righty then

Dentist: What are we doing for you today?

Me: Well, actually just a check up and maybe check out if everything is okay.

Dentist: Oh, how boring.

Me: Although, I do have tooth ache from time to time.

Dentist: When?

Me: Usually when I have something sweet or cold. Hot does not bother me.

Dentist: Hmm sounds like it could be a whole in the tooth. All right lets get on the big chair.

So after I lied down, he took some x-rays, scratch here, there, had a look with a mirror and you know, the usual stuff.

Dentist: All right, the verdict. You have two holes. One at the top and one at the bottom. The bottom one is not difficult to fix, but the top one is a bit of a challenge. It can be very easy if we just remove your wisdom tooth as the hole is in between the two.

Me: (Taking a moment to let everything sink in)

Dentist: That tooth is of no use. When you bite down it just hangs there.

Me: Uh, okay. Do we have to do it today? How does it work? We have to talk costs here.

Dentist: You don’t have to do it today and it won’t get worse overnight but the sooner the better. Well, we can do it without anaesthetics unless you prefer anaesthetics

Me: (In a kind of ecstatic/hysterical voice). What, uh with anaesthetics please. I want it dead. No, I do not want to sit with tooth ache all the time. Let’s do it and get it over with. I am not scared of dentists. How long is it going to take?

Dentist: About 40 minutes.

Me: Okay, let’s do it. Just need to cancel a gym appointment with a friend (again, sorry friend) and let the hubby know.

After getting everything ready and letting everyone know, I get on the chair all brave and ready for this extraction.

Dentist: Are you ready?

Me: I am going to close my eyes.

Dentist: Yes, don’t look

Me: (Thinking alrighty then).

In goes the fluid to have everything more dead than ever. It is amazing, but SO weird. And of course I would start poking my face. I mean I can not feel a thing! Fantastic.

I am still chatty though. Asking questions and blabbering on when I can.

He was working on the bottom half when I started pulling my eyes-could not pull my face because It was dead.

Dentist: Do you still fell something?

Me: A teeny tiny bit.

Dentist: Okay then we do the top first.

Now me, lying with my hands folded into each other almost holding on for dear life listens to him work and he tells me I am going to feel him pull. I am just thinking, oh my word, I hear stuff cracking inside.

So, he moves back to the bottom tooth and it is dead all right so he starts working there and then moves back to the top.

I am still waiting for the extraction to happen. I mean that is why my hands are dead. The assistant looks at me “Oh my word look how blue your fingers are!”. “Shame!”

All the while he is drilling and shaving and doing whatever the heck he is doing and I am waiting.

When I got the chance again, first question out of my mouth: “Is the tooth out?”

Dentist: What tooth? Were we suppose to pull out a tooth?

Me: (Just looking at him with big round eyes clenching my hands…) Uhm, yes.

Dentist: Oh, I removed it right at the beginning and then I kinda did not worry about you for the rest of the time because that was done.

Me: So where is it?

Dentist: Oh, somewhere here on the table.

Me:Okay then. I will be here till you finished.

So, after the whole process I was still babbling away and I asked what happens with the teeth after they extract it and I was informed that it gets incinerated. How exciting!

Off course, me being me I asked if I could take a picture. Helloooo, I need to write about my experience and show my tooth to the world. I was told I can have it. How cool! I did ask though if I can bring it back after I am done so that it can be BURNED!!!!!Mwhahahaha!

Honestly this was not as bad as everyone have ever told me. When the feeling came back to my mouth, after drooling on myself, it hurt a little but nothing a pain killer can not fix. I did suite up in a scarf anyway just to keep it snug and warm.

I hope I do not have to go back soon. I would like if my teeth can stop rotting and making holes now. I was a very proud lady that I do not have any problems to my teeth, but that is something of the past now. I am still very disappointed.

What is your experience like with a dentist? Teeeeellll meeee!!!!

E xx

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