Paarl/Franschoek Wineland Outing

We try and always go away around our birthdays. We like to make it special and each one can choose on their birthday where they would like to go.

This birthday was before Covid times. I have always wanted to visit Franschoek and spent time there. I wanted to go on the wine tram and visit the wine farms and go to the famous Babylonstoren. I also wanted to visit the French Heugenot museum to double check if I am in fact part of the clan and another stop was The Spice Route.

This birthday weekend was filled with precious moments and wonderful memories.

Let’s call this a photo dump, because there are a lot!


1st Stop: Alpaca Loom

Who could resist these faces! Just beware, the do spit if they are in a bad mood, but what an experience. There is a shop where you can have a cup of coffee and something to eat. They also stock hand woven products and it is so beautiful, a bit pricy to my standard, but so beautiful. I will save up and visit again.

You purchase your food at the counter and then off you go to have some fun. . I fed them, walked around with them and just had the best time.

For more info, please visit their website H E R E

2nd Stop: Spice Route

So many smells and tastes to experience! This is a foodies dream.  We had ice cream and coffee, ye together and we enjoyed a lovely lunch outside on the terrace at Barley&Biltong. Visit Spice Route for a feast of taste and shopping experience.

More info H E R E

3rd Stop: Die Afrikaanse Taalmonument – Paarl

We spent some time here walking around the monument, enjoying the view, learning about the history of the Afrikaans language.

It is really beautiful from up there. They have some hiking trails, but that we left for next time.

Find more info H E R E

We made our way out of Paarl, stopping for some essentials and then made our way to Franschoek. We stayed in a villa just off the main road and the next day we ventured to find tickets for the wine tram, see the French Huguenot Monument and visit Babylonstoren.

4th Stop: Babylonstoren

We could have done this with the wine tram, but you need to make a day of this visit on its own. It is a very large farm and there enough to keep you busy the whole day, which was the case here.  It was well worth all the walking.

See for yourself H E R E

The next day, it was wine tram day! This was an experience on its own. I would advise to wear comfortable clothing, comfortable shoes and have water with you. Plan your trip as there is no way to visit all the farms on the route, so choose those you really want to visit and do some research.

More info H E R E

I love this photo so much. The way he is holding her hat so the wind does not blow it away. The sweetest thing!

We had a lot of fun that weekend and I would love to visit again soon.

Have you been, and if so what would you recommend?

E xx

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