Lions Head: Up we go!

This was on my bucket list for quite some time. A few years back it was decided that we will go climb Lions Head.

My friend, Margaretha, who has done this climb quite a few times, told me she will look after me. Bless her soul.

On a warm Saturday morning, bright and early, we set out to go conquer this beast and strike it off my bucket list. Little did I know that this is the day I will almost die.

I have been keeping myself fit by walking my dog everyday-or so I thought I was fit- and I was totally ready to do this.

My friend, Elré also joined us this morning.

Those who have climbed this head before will know, but for those who have not before (like me), we started at the front. The front have a steep climb from the get go. It feels like you are walking vertically up. I have no idea if this makes sense, but just try an picture it, the dot is me and the line the mountain: .|

Now, I was told “no, it is not that hard, easy peasy. You will be fine.” How hard can it be. Let me tell you, it was quite the challenge.

I was breathing so hard, feeling like I am going to pass out, not even half way up the steep hill before the climb actually started. I thought to myself, what have I let myself into. I was determined not to give up though. I have come here to do this.

It took us much longer that it usually take and my friend was so patient with me. We told the other to go on ahead as I was really, really slow. I had to rest every few metres. I do not want to say steps because I could go more than a few steps at a time.

As the climb progressed the views just got more beautiful. I felt a little better with each step. Not physically. My body was yelling at me to stop and I swore I heard my body curse at one stage. If body parts could talk. We will leave the brain out of this. I am sure it is still planning revenge.

We made it to the top. It did not disappoint.

We spent some time and had breakfast (never mind all the snacks on the way up) and juts soaked it up.

When I reached the top I was so happy. I felt so free. I can not explain it.

The way down was much faster, duh. It was quite the opposite of up and that day I used muscles I did not not exist. I am happy to say my legs did a pretty good job. I sat for the rest of the day and if I could I would have sent my bladder to the toilet on its own.

Some tips from a rookie:

  • Lots of water. Make sure you have enough
  • Good shoes. You are going to climb
  • You have to be climb fit. Walking and climbing is not the same. Trust me
  • Sunscreen
  • Wear a hat
  • Take enough snacks
  • Take your camera
  • Go very very early, before the sun is up. That mountain gets busy. We had a lot of traffic
  • Have fun, take it in, breath.

Will I do it again? I highly doubt it.

Have you done this? Tell me about your experience.

E xx

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